• Race and National Origin Discrimination. Plaintiff, a Caucasian American, worked for a Korean company. Plaintiff was put in charge of a division and turned it around from unprofitability to profitability. Plaintiff alleged that he was then terminated without explanation except that it was not performance based. Case settled.

  • Gender, Race and Age Discrimination. Plaintiff worked for a church for over 30 years. She was 66 years old when terminated and claimed that she was wrongfully terminated for age and gender discrimination. The priest who terminated plaintiff was 37 years old and claimed that plaintiff was terminated for insubordination and negative attitude. Case settled.

  • Gender Discrimination (“glass ceiling”). Plaintiff received numerous promotions after her hire in 2004. Her boss put in paperwork to promote her to a Director position at defendant company. The company had 80 to 100 director positions worldwide yet less than 5% were held by women. Plaintiff alleged that she was then terminated under the pretext that there were a few hundred dollars of questionable charges in her expense report. Case settled.

  • Sexual Harassment. Plaintiff was a 25-year-old female working as an able-bodied “seaman” on a ship. Plaintiff claimed she was sexually harassed by the second officer. She then complained to the ship captain about the second officer’s conduct. Plaintiff left the ship and informed the defendant shipping company about the sexual harassment and alleged refusal of the captain to do anything about her complaints. Case settled.

  • Disability and Age Discrimination. Plaintiff had worked for defendant employer for 18 years. Plaintiff alleged that defendant failed to engage in the interactive process and provide a reasonable accommodation to plaintiff for her disability. Case settled.

  • Wrongful Termination In Violation Of Public Policy (“Retaliation”), Violation Of Labor Code Section 1102.5, Breach Of Contract and Breach Of The Covenant Of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. Plaintiff is a board-certified physician who worked in the field of drug safety and development for many years. She also served as a consultant to defendant, a drug company. Defendant asked plaintiff to become an employee, to which she agreed. After doing so, plaintiff observed and reported to management many concerns she had about defendant not reporting important information to the FDA. Plaintiff was terminated shortly thereafter. Case settled.

  • Whistleblower case under Labor Code sections 1102.5 and 1050. Plaintiff alleged he was terminated after he brought forward to his employer, a public utility, deceptive and unsafe practices. Case settled for 7 figures.

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